Monday, May 4, 2009

When It’s Time to Change Tactics

If you don’t receive a response from an editor after several follow up calls and emails, it’s time for one of two things to happen:

1) Assess the situation. Is your product really right for this publication? If not, your time will be better spent putting energy into publications that are a better fit for your product.

2) It’s time for a new game plan. Maybe the way you’ve been pitching your product isn’t resonating with an editor. Can you tie it into a timely news story? Can you pitch another editor at the magazine that covers different angles? Can you think of another way to position the pitch that might be a better fit for the magazine? Can you position it to fit into a specific section of the magazine? You could even try asking the editor how they think your product would best fit into the magazine and use his/her advice to position yourself differently.

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