Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tips for Writing the Perfect Press Release

Press releases should be catchy, exciting and relevant. Begin by tailoring your release to your audience. For instance, a release sent to a writer at Vogue should sound luxe and should appeal to a style-savvy, high-end reader. A release sent to a writer at Women’s Wear Daily should include a business or trend angle. A release sent to US Weekly should focus on celebrity.

If you write a great press release, the writer you send it to shouldn’t have to alter it much or at all in order to put it into their publication. You know you’ve done your job well if you see own your words in print!

A few hints and tips:
1) Write the press release on your company letterhead
2) Keep the release to under one page whenever possible
3) Your writing should be quick, lively and to the point
4) The first paragraph should be concise and draw the reader in with catchy text. The subsequent paragraphs can add more detail and explanation.
5) The final paragraph should include company information and the website address

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